California Food Handler Training

Now available in SPANISH!

  • 1.5 Hour Online Course
  • 40 Multiple-Choice Final Exam
  • Printable Official Certificate, Valid for 3 years

California Food Handler's Program

We offer food handler training an ANSI accredited program in English. It takes about an hour & half to complete, there is a 40 question final exam, and you can immediately print your food handler card.

California Food Safety Course

This food handler safety course covers the importance of safe food handling and sanitation and is for anyone that works in food preparation, storage, or service..

California Food Handler Training

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Now available in SPANISH!

This online food handler certificate course focuses on safe food preparation and handling techniques and is intended for anyone that works in food preparation, storage, or service.

The course content is based on the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code. Upon completion of the course, you can immediately print your food handler certificate and wallet card.

This Food Handlers - Safety First Principles course was developed by National Registry of Food Safety Professionals for Food Handlers. This course is accredited by ANSI and is accepted by law in California.

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Course Features

This food handler safety course takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete and is available in English with full audio narration.

Our training course works on all computer devices including: smart phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. If needed, you can conveniently switch back and forth between your phone (or tablet) and your computer, while taking the course, and you will always be returned to your most recent progress.

Once you create an account you can log in from any computer or mobile device and train any time, anywhere.

You have 6 months from enrollment to complete this course. You can log in and out of your training account and your place in the course will be saved.

After successfully completing this course and final exam (you must get a 70% to pass), you will be able to print your certification. Your official certificate will be mailed to you.

Intended Learning Objectives

This food handler certificate course will teach you the importance of safe food handling as well as how to properly clean and sanitize your establishment.

This course consists of an introduction, seven lessons, and a final exam. Below is a detailed course outline of topics covered in the course.


Introduction to Food Handler Training

Lesson 1 - Microbiology and Illness

Biological Contamination
Food Allergies and Intolerance
Time and Temperature Control for Safety Foods

Lesson 2 - Contamination and Prevention of Illness

Causes of Contamination
Preventing Bacterial Contamination

Lesson 3 - Controlling Time and Temperature

How to Keep Food Out of the Danger Zone
Checking Temperatures

Lesson 4 - Preparing and Presenting Food

Spoilage and Preservation
Delivery and Storage
Food Rotation

Lesson 5 - Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene
Hand Washing
Reporting Illness
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Simple Safety Precautions

Lesson 6 - Pests

Pests and Pets

Lesson 7 - Preventing Problems

Preventing Problems

Final Exam

40 Multiple Choice Questions

Food Handler Certificate

Your food handler card is available to print or save immediately after you complete the course and it will be emailed to you. Your completion data will also be uploaded to National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

Completing your training on or after 08/26/2016, you can immediately print your Official Certificate and Wallet Card, valid for 3 years.

Your certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of completion in the state of California.

California Recognized Training

This National Registry of Food Safety Professionals food handlers course is ANSI accredited and accepted statewide in California.

View NRFSP's ANSI Accreditation here.

View NRFSP's Food Handler Course Candidate Information here.

View NRFSP's Food Handler Course Appeals and Complaints Process.